sanitizing kiosks

Sanitizing kiosks, sometimes called waterless indoor kiosks, are an emerging concept that are being presented in the marketplace. These kiosks are becoming an alternative way to do just about anything you want to do at your business or home. The technology enables you to literally turn any room, into a money free retail shopping center without the need to open or even close your windows. The kiosk delivers an effective and environmentally friendly approach to taking bad germs and cleaning products out of your atmosphere. Not only does this save you money, but you save time by reducing the amount of clean up you have to do.

There are two main types of sanitizing kiosks you can choose from. One is a digital sanitizing kiosk, which offers all the same features as a traditional one, but at a smaller size. These signage allow you to perform the same tasks, like cross contamination elimination, without having to deal with the large bulky machines. The digital sanitizing system uses a patented liquid sanitizing agent to sanitize surfaces and carry out all the necessary safety protocols. Because these types of signage can be displayed in full color, you get even more visibility, thus reducing costs. You can also incorporate different safety protocols on these types of kiosks.

The other type of sanitizing signage is the waterless form. This type of sanitizing kiosks sanitizes by using a sprayer gun. The sprayer gun sanitizing agent dries out the surface to be treated. Unlike the digital one that uses a liquid sanitizing agent, this type of signage requires you to have a machine to handle the drying process. The digital sanitizing system requires no machine to handle the entire process, but you do need to have someone available to change the liquid sanitizer solution when it is running low.

Both of these kiosks have built in drying systems, but there are differences with the electronic type of signage. Digital screens are self drying, so there is no running out of solution to clean behind the signage. These types of kiosks also have safety protocols in place. The electronic signage only needs to be turned off before it will dry. If sanitizing is not done correctly, there is a risk of cross contamination and spreading germs between different areas in a facility.

Hand-sanitizing options are becoming more popular as well. These are great for smaller facilities or in clinics that do not want to spend the money on a large sanitizing machine. Hand-sanitizing with sanitizer solutions comes with its own set of benefits. For instance, the lack of a need for running out of a dispensing solution means that it is possible to operate wellness kiosks with little to no supervision.

In some cases, smaller clinics may not have a sanitizing or hand sanitizing kiosk at all. However, there are many businesses that can provide the solutions that are needed to meet sanitizing and safety protocols at an affordable price. Many businesses will come into your office and evaluate the space that you have and then create a customized solution for you. You can choose from the sanitizing solution that is created or you can custom design a system that meets your sanitizing needs exactly.

Some of the kiosks for high-traffic public locations will also feature news feeds from social media sites. This allows patients to share information about local news with their friends and loved ones. News feeds from Twitter and Facebook will increase your company’s customer base, which will lead to more sales and, ultimately, more profit. Sanitizing signage on busy city streets is only one way that these types of kiosks for businesses can be used to increase customer awareness and generate interest in products and services.

The sanitizing kiosks are essentially smaller versions of large digital screens located in banks and other types of businesses. These screens offer quick information about the day’s schedule and the menu that is offered. However, they do not allow the user to simply grab a bottle of sanitizing solution or use the sanitizer themselves. The cloud-based, customizable sanitizing solutions offered by different vendors allow the use of the information presented on the digital screen by the user as long as they have access to a computer with internet access.

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