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Kiosk video displays are becoming more commonplace in today’s business world. They are not only a great way to up sell products, but also a way for businesses to promote themselves. If you own a small or medium sized business, and you need a way to advertise your company to new customers, kiosk video displays can be exactly what you need. However, choosing the right kiosk video display system for your business can seem a bit overwhelming. Use the following information to help you in deciding which video display is best for your needs:

A. Know what your kiosk video needs are before you choose to purchase a kiosk system. Do you want to offer customers in the store or on the web the ability to make purchases or learn about new products? Do you want to use the kiosk in order to show customers where they can purchase discounted items? Do you need to be able to perform sales in the store as well as online?

B. Choose a kiosk that will fit the design of your business. If you need to add extra screens or to move the existing kiosk to another location, you will want to make sure that it will fit with your current setup. Choose a video display that has at least two large viewing areas so that your customer can view any number of items on one screen.

C. Choose a video kiosk that is compatible with the operating systems your customer will be using. Many kiosks will work with Windows or Mac, but others need to be compatible with Windows ME, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. Choose a system that can be used easily by the average consumer. You may find that the cost of the system, as well as the monthly fee to update it, are more than you can afford.

D. Research how well the different video kiosks perform. Does it work automatically when the customer puts in their payment information? Are the pictures sharp and clear? Are the voices heard over the speaker so customers can clearly hear what the kiosk is showing them? These are all important factors to consider before selecting the system for your business.

E. Understand that video kiosk video displays are not inexpensive. Even though the equipment itself is not expensive, your investment will pay off in enhanced customer service and higher sales. Take the time to compare pricing options to select the best one for your budget.

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