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The City of Cambridge is considering adding an Out of Town News Kiosk to Harvard Square. A public hearing on the project will be held Thursday, March 21. A special working group will be formed and will be charged with creating a framework for the kiosk. In the meantime, the public is encouraged to provide feedback. The news kiosk would be the city’s fourth in Harvard Square. It would also feature local and regional news and information.

Find It kiosk

Ohio’s legislature is weighing whether to change its rules regarding Find It kiosks. The proposed rules call for winners to be paid out after the sporting event, but some business owners are concerned about the logistics. Hundreds of people could be winning thousands of dollars in one day. This is creating pushback, especially in Ohio. Chris Ferruso, legislative director of the National Federation of Independent Business, is concerned that people who win cash from the kiosks could be targeted by criminals.


ANSI is launching an initiative to develop a roadmap for EV standards and codes. This effort will take place through the ANSI Electric Vehicle Standards Panel (EVSP). In addition to facilitating standards development, ANSI will act as a neutral facilitator by convening industry stakeholders to identify current standards and challenges associated with the deployment of electric vehicles. The goal of this initiative is to provide the latest information and best practices for the deployment of electric vehicles.

ANSI has established the Electric Vehicle Standards Panel (EVSP), a neutral forum comprised of public and private sector stakeholders. By the end of the year, the EVSP will publish a roadmap identifying the standards necessary to enable mass deployment. This roadmap will help guide stakeholders in establishing EV standards, allowing manufacturers to build and sell electric vehicles that meet the latest emissions standards. Further, the roadmap will identify EV standards, allowing manufacturers and consumers to build and sell electric vehicles.

Star Citizen’s commodity kiosks

Coming to the newest version of Star Citizen, commodity kiosks will allow players to purchase and sell commodities in real time. You’ll be able to restock your supplies, refuel your ships, and purchase new equipment at these shops. You’ll be able to use them in version 3.0, and they’ll be governed by the Recipe system, the same one that governs the manufacturing of items in the game. Commodities for sale in kiosks will be themed, too.

The team at Cloud Imperium Games has recently released videos showcasing the content in the game. The videos focus on the criminal faction Nine Tails, feature the community team, and show work on commodity trading kiosks. The total amount raised has topped $478 million and is still growing, making it the most successful crowdfunding project in history. The game has received plenty of praise from backers, but has faced enormous criticism.

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Harvard Square’s Out of Town News

The Out of Town News has been a mainstay of the Harvard Square neighborhood for 64 years. It first opened as a subway station in 1912, and grew into an iconic newsstand, selling various publications. In addition to the newspapers, the Out of Town News also sold Harvard souvenirs and led a book tour of the Harvard Yard. The renovations are expected to begin in the spring.

Throughout the years, many iconic figures have frequented the kiosk, including Julia Child. The author John Kenneth Galbraith bought a copy of Le Monde daily, and Paul Allen once shared a copy of Popular Electronics with Bill Gates. Many other famous faces have spotted the iconic kiosk, which caters to the varied interests of Harvard Square visitors. The kiosk’s future depends on the success of its tenants and what it can offer.

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